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Plans (not for a dinghy, though) - My Own Little World

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April 17th, 2006

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02:14 pm - Plans (not for a dinghy, though)

We will definitely be having a Johan memorial Tourney at Panteria. It will take place on Sunday, at a time to be determined.

In addition, I'm talking to the autocrat about having an Irish wake on Saturday night. Does anyone know any middle eastern dancers that are going to Panteria? I think Johan would appreciate having dancing women at his wake. (Any opinions on what would be a suitable enticement/thank you for people to come and dance? Maybe zill bags?)

Please pass on the word to any other SCAdians that you know may be interested. Thanks~

Also, if people near Massachusetts aren't doing anything this Saturday, The Garden in the Woods (http://www.newfs.org/garden.htm) is free on that day, to celebrate Earth Day. It is a wonderful way to spend time with your children! Unfortunately, I'll have to miss this year, because we'll be at NEFFA (http://www.neffa.org/), so someone *has* to go and enjoy the flowers on my behalf.

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